So it has been a long time since I have posted anything mostly because I have been going through so much turmoil of late. As I posted before I moved to another server on World of Warcraft to play with my in real life best friend of 20 plus years Billy. Now I have only recently met my other in real life best friend of probably 5 years Derek on World of Warcraft and have met in the real world multiple times.

Well I convinced Derek to move over to this server to play with my wife, Billy, his wife and I in this raiding guild. He didn’t use real money like I did, he spent all his in game gold to buy tokens which I felt was silly to waste that much gold on a faction and server change. So he moved over, and everything was going well till Billy and his wife had a meltdown and got themselves banned from raiding with the guild.

So things started to look bleak but they were able to raid again, and on the first time back Billy’s wife loses her sanity and quits the guild, which resulted in Billy leaving the guild, and at that point Sarah and I moved all our toons back to the Alliance side, except one each, so we could still play with them. I was hoping they would work their issues out and get themselves back into the guild, but they started a new guild.

Once thing I hate is starting a new guild, I have a guild with over 1200 achievement points and 8 tabs, I have a horde guild with 7 tabs and almost 900 achievement points and instead of asking me to move my horde guild to that server to help them with a ton of bonus stuff unlocked they decided to create a new one. So it was at that time I made the decision I was done dealing with the drama.

So I informed Derek that I was moving back to the Alliance and I understood he spent all his gold so I would pay for him to move back because it wouldn’t be fair to leave him there, with my drama filled other best friend. He told me he was happy playing Horde and he might move to a different PvP server because he likes it so much. I was like alright buddy, I completely understand if you got the PvP bug, you got it, and its best to work it out of your system since we normally play on PvE servers.

So moving along in the timeline Derek has removed two toons from my Alliance guild, and when my wife asked him if everything was okay, he told her he wanted to try new things. This, of course, didn’t sound Kosher to me and I point blank asked him if he was upset with us and he said that he was pissed. Because he had to find out on his own that we went back to the Alliance Server 7 days after we left.

Now the part that really aggravates me is the situation is that my wife and I both kept toons on that server to play with him and Billy, and when we decided to be done with the drama I offered to pay for him to move on top of it, so he didn’t find out 7 days later, he found out on day 1. Plus on top of everything else, when he was in that guild, he never did anything with us, he did stuff with other people.

So after our Facebook conversation, I realized that it’s pretty much over between the two of us, and it really annoys me that my other best friend with his drama cost me another friendship. I am still holding out that he will get over himself and come back to my guild and we can renew our friendship.

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So this was the first weekend that my son and I did not go camping together as Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts and it feels strange. When my son started down this path of joining scouts I have always been there or my wife has on every campout and now we are no longer needed. While it is so amazing for my son to progress on to this new level of scouting it is so different to no longer be needed.

It has been a long process to go from Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and now to a full-fledged Boy Scout that makes this old Dad so very proud of him every day of my life. Keep up the most amazing work Owen and can not wait to see your awards at your next Court of Honor!


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Beauty and the Beast

I was going to post this sooner, but life managed to catch up with me and I found that I was completely lost in time. So many months ago my wife got tickets for us to see the movie Beauty and the Beast through some special promotion. While I figured it was some kind of scam because we got tickets for as cheap as six dollars each for adults, a Disney movie, and AMC Theaters, like come on.

So we get to the theater, park and go in to get our tickets which we have no way of knowing how to do it. We go up to the ticket both and we are like we have this code does this work. The guy takes our phones and boom ticket after ticket pop out and we go off to see our movie. This is my favorite Disney movie of all time and I was really hoping this was not going to be a disaster.

I must say that Emma Watson’s performance of Belle was absolutely breathtaking and I can not wait to own this movie, I feel this is so much better than the original. I love Dan Stevens on the TV show Legion, and his performance was amazing, and Luke Evans as Gaston was a refreshing change from the last movie I saw him in as Bard the Bowman from the Hobbit. I was really worried about Josh Goad as LeFou but man did he nail the part and played off of Luke Evans so well.

I was so happy to hear that this made 300 million worldwide on the opening weekend and can not wait to see what other cartoons to live action they make next!

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Headphones Update

So lucky for my daughter, she found my headphones exactly where she left them, so now there can be peace in my house. I can’t wait to plug them into my Nintendo Switch and just totally rock out to awesome Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild music and slaughter helpless Bokoblins and earn more heart containers! Also tonight my amazing wife, my daughter, and I are going to see Beauty and the Beast which is probably our favorite Disney Animated Classic, with the Little Mermaid almost tying it for first place.

I am a fan of Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series and I really can’t wait to see her take on Belle. Hopefully, I will post something either tonight or tomorrow about our experience.

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Yesterday was my birthday, and like all the birthdays of my past it ended up being horrible and completely aggravating. Not only did I have to work on my birthday, I also had to take my son to a doctor’s appointment. So the whole family went and we ended up going to the Roy Rogers afterward for dinner. After supper, we went to staples to look for a business checkbook binder, but surprisingly they didn’t have any in the store. We went home and got settled in for the night, I got on my comfy clothes and grabbed my Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The TV shows that my wife and I like to watch were coming on and I didn’t want to turn down the game sound because I was into a good part of the game and wanted my sixty dollar DJ headphones. Only to find out that my daughter took them to school with my wife’s permission and she lost them. I was absolutely furious at my daughter for losing my favorite set of headphones especially when they are the ones I use for creating podcasts. There are not many things in this world that I get to call my own and while I was letting my wife borrow them for her personal use, it was not okay for my daughter to take them to school.

So today I told my daughter if she doesn’t find them at school today, or if some other student took them home I will remove her iPhone, iPad, and TV from her room. While I did a new search for these on Amazon and they are now down to under twenty dollars, it isn’t the point that I can easily replace them, I want mine back that I love. From the TV shows, Youtube videos, personal home videos, music, and everything else I used them for, I have this personal connection to them. I don’t want to be mad at my daughter, but this was just the icing on the cake for how crappy my birthday went yet again.

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Hello there Robert —

This message is being sent to confirm that all credit card information has been removed from the World of Warcraft® account ****, effectively cancelling its recurring subscription as of 3/16/2017 04:19:12. The account will not bill or renew any further unless new payment information (credit card or game card) is manually entered in.

The account will remain playable for the remaining time it has already paid for. This account’s current prepaid time will expire on 4/12/2017 18:49:57.

Note: Cancelling one World of Warcraft subscription that has been merged to a Battle.net® Account will not cancel the subscriptions for all World of Warcraft Accounts which have been similarly merged. If you wish to cancel more than one subscription, you must cancel each individually.

Customer Support
Blizzard Entertainment®

Yeah, I am still that upset about what happened last night, that I cancelled my account and don’t plan on reactivating it. It is one thing to screw me over, it’s an entirely new screwing to see other people get best in slot legendaries on classes that I actively play and still haven’t gotten anything on yet. I must say this has been the best birthday ever, yay me.

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Getting Bored Update

So tonight I wasn’t going to play World of Warcraft, and instead, I was going to watch TV, but I ended up going on the game and raiding. This started to look promising for me, I got three upgrades, one for my Blood Specialization, and two for my Frost Specialization. It didn’t look like the long awaited Legendary that I wanted for my Frost Specialization was going to drop tonight, so I was okay with that because good things come to those who wait right? Wrong on the second to last boss, I got a Legendary, a universal piece of garbage Legendary that is getting a buff come next patch that still puts it at the bottom of the garbage heap.

I really am starting to hate this game and this stupid system that helps me stay last on the damage meters, where I get people who are actually lucky enough to get DPS increase Legendaries on their first try. I can not understand how I have two universal Legendaries the Necklace and Boots, that I both obtained before they were buffed. The necklace isn’t so bad now, but it’s still a tanking necklace, and while the three high secondary stats are nice, it still lags behind the pure DPS Legendaries of the actual Frost Specialization. I am sitting here sick to my stomach and in pain over how angry I am right now at this game.

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Getting Bored

As an avid player of the game, World of Warcraft, I have gotten to that point that the game is not interesting enough to me anymore that I actually want to keep playing it. I am not really sure how I got to this point, or why I got to this point, but sadly, I am at that point in my life now. I have been focusing on getting my Death Knight to a point where I could competitively raid with the rest of the guild, and I just got burnt out. I have gotten my Frost Weapons to rank 37, my Blood Weapon to rank 35, and my Unholy Weapon to rank 30. This was not the easiest thing to do when just three weeks ago, I was Blood at 35, Frost at 7, and Unholy at 1 rank.

So I think losing the synergy of all my characters by moving to this PvP server has caused me to become lost, or better yet with how this guild is, not being able to play with all my alternate characters at a whim has begun to resent this game. Having all my characters at max level during Warlords of Draenor and actually playing them all to now being forced to focus on one character only is really tuff. Before moving some of my toons to this other server, I had my Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk, Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, and Hunter to max level. My Mage, Warlock, Priest were the only ones I haven’t gotten to max level yet, but I was going to slowly work on them, but now I have people scattered between two servers.

I know many people would blame this on the new Nintendo Switch that I got, but sadly they would be greatly wrong, especially since last night World of Warcraft was the only thing I played, and I totally forgot to get my free stuff from my Amiibos in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Once per day each Amiibo that I have allows me to get free stuff within the game which has helped me greatly while adventuring. Sadly playing the game has become too stagnate and I honestly think I either need to go back to playing Alliance or just quit altogether and focus on other stuff in my life. Maybe if stuff would start to drop for me in game that I have been working so hard for it would change the outcome, but it may already be to late for that.

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My Business

So I am the owner and founder of my company Cloud 9 Graphix, LLC, we are a Graphic Company, that works with Vinyl, Digital and Silk Screen. Our website can be seen at cloud9graphix.com and we have done shirts for Cubscouts, we lettered a trailer, we have done company shirts for other businesses, and we have done many one time shirts for private affairs. My daughter is a big fan of the Youtube personalities and as such asked me to make her a youtube shirt so she can get them to sign it.

Sadly we are not going to PAX and as such my daughter has asked her friend to do this for her, and as such also wanted a youtube shirt. So in my free time, I have made up two youtube shirts for the girls so hopefully, they will get a lot of signatures and get much enjoyment out of them. So if anyone is interesting in lettering or shirts, feel free to message me!

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Nintendo Switch


So this was the weekend that the Nintendo Switch was going to be released to the open market and I wanted one. Though unlike a normal person I was so busy and stupid to go out and pre-order one so I spent the whole weekend trying to find one. Normally my to go place is the Ocean County Mall with the double Gamestop locations to find whatever gaming stuff I need, but I was of course not anticipating how many people wanted it.

So I was informed that they sold out almost instantly but if I came back on Sunday morning, any pre-orders that were not picked up I could buy one of those. So on Sunday morning, I was at the mall, thirty minutes before the actual store opens waiting, and when they do open up, the employee says to me that all the pre-orders were picked up at that location. So I head over to the other location and that guy informs me, that Nintendo mandated that all Pre-Orders had to be sold by Saturday night, so I realized that the guy at the other Gamestop duped me.

So while I was talking to the manager about when they would get more in, out of the blue this guy walks up to me and me alone and says, that Toys R Us has one left. I was like really, he nodded his head and walked off, and then he was just gone. So I grabbed my two-year-old, ran over to Hot Topic and grabbed my daughter and we ran over to Toys R Us and there it was, just as that guy said, one Switch left. So I total the cashier I wanted it and I wanted Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Bomberman R, and Just Dance 2017.

I get home and the system is very easy to use and set up, the only problem I ran into was trying to remember my Nintendo ID and Password. I linked it to Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Nintendo. I am hoping that this will lead to a future update to live stream which I will be doing all the time! So far I have had the most fun playing Just Dance 2017, but I do not want to discount the fact that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so amazingly beautiful and annoyingly fun to play.

I would recommend everyone gets one, I plan to buy possibly one for each family member in the future so we can all play at the same time since we all don’t like the same games. Also, the ability to have the kids playing on the big screen in the living room and moving to their rooms without fighting because they don’t have to stop their games is a big plus for us. Since we have a PS4 there now, and the kids have to stop playing when our TV comes on, or the fact I don’t have to stop playing when our TV comes on I can just play it on the couch and still watch at the same time!

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Guild Bubble

My best friend convinced me to move to his server because the guild he was in was mega awesome, and while it is on a PvP server which I loathe I decided to go there. My first night in the guild I was doing Heroic Emerald Nightmare and everything seemed to be going awesome, until Patch 7.2 which the progression monster showed its ugly head. Every previous gear raid was stopped in favor of focusing on doing Normal Night Hold as much as possible till we were able to clear it.

Sadly this meant for people like me who came late to the guild and raiding would be in for a world of hurt, and we got benched repeatedly so the core elite of the guild could get the kills and the gear. Now as a former raid leader and twelve plus years of guild master leadership I have come to the conclusion this guild is completely backward in raiding mentality. The reason your benching 4-10 people per raid when you hit a road bump is the fact you have stopped trying to gear them up.

Now that we have managed to full clear Normal Night Hold in almost one night, they have started with the same issue of trying to clear Heroic Night Hold and now if you don’t even have a high enough item level you can’t even get in the raid. My Death Knight on the first official Heroic Run other than the spur of the moment one was at 868. I was told that I can’t go because I didn’t have an 880 item level, and while I was upset about the fact I couldn’t go, I understood it.

The rules that were set was you needed to have an 880 item level and you need to pull at least three hundred thousand damage on each pull. Now while I can not do either, simply because I do not have the luck of the Irish and I have not gotten the correct gear to make my class competitive with the other raiders in the guild. So this Wednesday was supposed to be our Normal Night Hold raid which was going to be my answer for getting the right gear, I saved a bunch of coins and my best friend already has the gear and he is a Death Knight and can pass it to me.

So I make my flasks and potions on my alt and sent them to my Death Knight, and run some old raids for transmogrification gear, and possible mounts to add to my collection. When I see that the message of the day is changed to Saturday Heroic Raid was canceled and moved to Wednesday instead. It was this moment that I lost my sanity and informed my best friend that they were pulling more stuff again. He gets all up in arms because just like me, we both know you can’t do Heroic raiding unless you are geared for it.

So eventually people start to explain what they are going to do, they are going to run Normal for about an hour then do the first three bosses on Heroic and finish the Heroic raid up on Sunday. They will finish up Normal Night Hold on Saturday if they can get people on, the same people that couldn’t make the raid on Saturday so they moved it to Wednesday. I asked them if the 880 item level is still in place, and the raid leader asked me what my item level was and I told him that after running pugs and another week of LFR my item level got up to 873.

The raid leader tells me that is perfectly fine for doing Heroic with them and I believe what was left of my sanity burst in a nuclear explosion inside my brain. So you’re telling me while I had to sit out of last weeks Heroic Night Hold raid after I spent 55 dollars to move my character there after I earned 3 million artifact power after I completed the entire storyline just to make sure there were no problems these 5 little item levels is good enough to do Heroic. Are you kidding me right now, I am so sick and tired of this double standard garbage when I want to actually raid.

So I left and logged off the game, I already can’t stand this guy because I think he is a total douche bag, he is almost always the first person to die in every fight and he is a healer. My son needed to nap anyway because he was starting to act up, so my reason to leave was legitimate but the sole fact of the matter is I could have had my daughter lay with him but I just had enough.

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Zaverax Reborn

As some of you may know by now I am a very avid World of Warcraft player, which would be referred to as a filthy casual. While I don’t mind being a casual player, I also do enjoy raiding, but not on a competitive level that is required for doing Mythics. So I mostly have been stuck doing Looking For Raiding or as I like to call it “The Dummies Guide to Raiding”.

I was really trying to turn my Alliance guild into a casual raiding guild that I could be the main tank and the raid leader. Not that I want to be the raid leader, but most people don’t want the responsibility. I even tried to get my best friend to come to the Alliance with me so we could build up the guild together, but he turned me down.

At his job where he lives, he found a group of people that play and work together, while also being in a very old guild on the Archimonde server. While I vowed to never transfer my toons to another server because I didn’t want to waste any more money on World of Warcraft, I ended up moving a toon over to that server.

My first night in the guild I was dragged into a Heroic Emerald Nightmare Full Clear and had the most amazing time. I didn’t realize how much I actually missed real raiding as opposed to the Looking For Raiding watered down version.Though the character I brought over was my Paladin, and I don’t love being a Retribution Paladin.

So I brought over my Hunter as well, and I also leveled up a Warlock on that server and then I moved my Monk. I wasn’t happy with any of them, so I needed to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up any chances of raiding on the Alliance, and move my Death Knight over. Though the main problem was his race, I have always gone from Blood Elf to Human, and Human to Blood Elf. I completely went out on a limb and made him an Orc.



I know he doesn’t look much, but I am still trying to get a good transmog for him to run around and slaughter in!

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